Qualitative Research-Critical Appraisal

Qualitative Research-Critical Appraisal

Dear the writer,

I hope you are keeping well. I am writing to you for the 1500 words qualitative essay as it is explained in the guidelines. I ‘ve finished the essay that need to be edited and improved based on your experience.

I ‘ve attached the essay, guidelines and some articles used in the writing.

Kindly please notice the brief feedback from the module tauter pasted bellow,
“I’m sorry, I’m not able to give you detailed feedback on your essay in it’s entirety. I read the first page or two and you seem to be on the right lines. The main issue that perhaps you need to address in ensure that you focus on the merits of qualitative research to your area of practice in the final section i.e. what are the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research in general to your area of practice? If you are a doctor with a particular speciality, this would be to your work in this area.”

Your efforts are highly appreciated


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