Quality management Procedure Writing

Quality management Procedure Writing

all the requirement is in the file
Your procedure can be one of the mandatory procedures that every company should have in order to obtain certificate according to standard requirements ISO 9001:2015, or you can choose some other process that is essential for the business of the certain company.

Company can belong both to manufacturing or service sectors, any industry that you like.

Procedure should include all aspects that I mentioned, and should be written in form that is acceptable for ISO 9000:2015 standard. You can find many examples online and in the literature.

In the attachment, you can find my presentations about ISO 9000:2015 standard and How to Write Procedure.

Each procedure that you write should include following:

– Purpose
– Scope
– Definitions
– Responsibilities
– Procedure/Instructions
– Revision History and

– Flowchart.


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