This research was meant to establish the knowledge of nurse of inadvertent hypothermia. Inadvertent hypothermia has been recognized to have significant consequences in the perioperative settings (Evans & Kenkre, 2006). This means that nurses’ knowledge on how to recognize and manage inadvertent hypothermia is very important for patient outcome and also as a measure of outcome of perioperative nursing.  In this study, Hegarty, Walsh, Burton, Murphy, O’Gorman, & McPolin (2009) took quantitative, descriptive study to establish how well nurses understood inadvertent hypothermia.  The study showed that there were significant variations in nurses’ responses on definition of hypothermia and normothermia. The study also showed that nurses identified a plethora of factors that are likely to prevent them from ensuring normothermia in their patients.  The study concluded that these factors that prevent nurses from maintaining normothermia in their patients required educational intervention and adoption of best practice guidelines in the clinical set up.

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