Question and answer for government



Government 2306 Test 2

Chapter 4


  1. How would you explain what political parties are and why Texas has a two-party system?


  1. Describe the history of Texas as a one-party state. Which party dominates Texas politics, and what are the historical origins behind this dominance? What were some of the ramifications of one-party rule? What caused the rise of a two-party system in Texas?


  1. How would you describe the structure of political parties and elections in Texas? What are the different levels of party organization?


  1. Discuss urban, rural, and suburban influences on partisanship. Explain which party tends to dominate in each of these areas, and why.


  1. Has Texas always been a predominantly conservative state? How does this question tie in to the state’s shift from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party since the 1960s?


  1. How does strong partisan ideology serve to weaken Texas’s political parties?




















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