real outbreak investigations

real outbreak investigations

Throughout this course we will be reading and discussing anecdotes of real outbreak investigations using a unique textbook. In parallel with your course introductions, let’s introduce some of the diseases we will be exploring in the coming weeks.

Select a disease from any of the chapters in Outbreak Investigations Around the World and provide detailed information regarding the epidemiological characteristics. Information should include but is not limited to:

o Mode of Transmission
o Incubation Period
o Communicability/infectivity
o Pathogenicity
o Virulence
o Immunogenicity
o Herd Immunity
o Intrinsic Properties
o Pathogenetic Mechanism

Be creative and attach images, graphs, etc to your posts.

The book that should be used is:
Title: Outbreak Investigations Around the World: CaseStudies in Infectious Disease Field Epidemiology
Edition: 1st (2009)
Author: Dworkin
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett

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