You can choose one of the two topics listed below for your research paper. Topic One: Critically assess the future of probation, intermediate sanctions and community corrections. Also, describe what it takes to make intermediate sanctions work. OR Topic Two: In a 3 -5-page paper discuss the current state of recidivism in the United States. Be sure to include programming strategies that aid in reducing recidivism within a prison setting as well as within the community. Week Five’s assignment is your Research Paper. Your research paper must be written in APA format. Your textbook is your primary source; however, you may also use other credible/reliable sources (Wikipedia is not a reliable source). You can use as many sources as necessary to make sure your document demonstrates substance. It must be stated that writing is extremely important in any career field that you may choose. Many career fields require that you submit a writing sample and part of the application/interview process. You should also keep in mind that many of the reports completed in the Criminal Justice field become legal documents that you may one day have to defend in Federal/State court. I am sure you would prefer completing accurate documents that are properly formatted. Be sure to refer back to Read Me First regarding APA guidelines. I would strongly suggest that you use the website provided or consult an APA Manual. Your paper is a formal research paper not an essay. If you are not familiar with third person take the time to research it and obtain an understanding. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are using statistics, I should see a source where you obtained the information. Statistics are not considered common knowledge; you had to get the information from a source.

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