relationship between mental illness and crime or violent crime






Are people who suffer from mental illness more likely to commit a crime or a violent crime than people who don’t suffer from mental illness?



General overview

Outline what will be studied

What your research contributes to your area of study, why you’ve chosen that subject and why is it important. Why is this research unique?

Rationale- Interest

Research Question

Aims and Objectives

Chapter outline


Has somebody explained/talked about this (Literature review)

Stigmatically or chronologically

Current landscape

Identify areas of controversy that raise questions and open up

Possibilities for your research

Critically analyze how useful they are to your area of research

Important works

Points of critique

How Media portrays it

Rationale for project



Research questions

Methodological Approach

Methods Used

Evaluation – what went well in your study? What did not work out as expected?


My findings (Description and analysis)

(Secondary/Desk Research) – analysing existing material; questioning a theoretical concept

Present the data

Discussion of points of interest/ relationship to existing theories


Investigating a case study












Restate what your dissertation aimed to achieve

Summary of main argument

State whether you have proved or disapproved your hypothesis or answered research questions.

State the significance of your findings and your contribution to your area of study

State the limitations of your research

And recommend how further study in the future could continue your study in the future

Summaries your findings and results




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