3000 word report – excludes Executive Summary and Appendices. Max 4 pages for appendices


Select one of the following topics and discuss as require:


  1. Choose a global fashion, automobile or grocery/supermarket company that has expanded across borders into Asia. Discuss and critique its approach to ‘Internationalisation’ including a clear analysis of the strategies and process it has used to expand across borders. Also provide a detailed analysis of the challenges and problems the business has faced as it has expanded into the Asian market.
  2. Conduct an analysis of the socio – cultural implications for managers in the course of doing business between Australia and China and/or India. Use a case study company that has shown success in it’s global strategies in this regard.
  3. Understanding National Culture and its differences has a significant impact on the international manager’s ability to effectively deal with different cultures. Discuss the concept of an ‘Ethnocentric’ versus ‘Polycentric’ and ’Geocentric’ approach to management. Identify a company that has expanded globally and how it has had to change its management approach to work effectively across different values and national cultures.
  4. Research, identify and discuss the key differences in negotiation and decision making processes used be tween American and Middle Eastern companies/businesses. Identify an American company that has expanded into the Middle East and use it as a case study to discuss what changes American managers would need to make in order to ensure success in this market.

Suggested limits are as follows:

  • Executive Summary: ideally one page but no more than two.
  • Sections 1: Introduction 400 – 600 words,
  • Section 2: Main body of the essay 2,000 – 2,500 words,
  • Sections 3: Conclusions 100 – 300 words,
  • References (5 – 15 references).


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