Research Essay

Write about how the graphic novel: Maus written by Art Spiegelman is to be considered to be autobiographical. Make an original argument about how Maus contributes to the graphic memoir genre. Please write a research paper that directly addresses the following essay topics. Make original arguments about the novel you discuss by drawing on the tradition of inquiry you establish. Your sources could be about the work or author or the graphic novel as genre or medium, or might relate more generally to literary or interdisciplinary topics. If possible, summarize one of the articles studied in class as part of the tradition of inquiry and take a position in relation to that article. You will be evaluated on your knowledge of the stylistic and structural conventions of scholarly essay writing in the discipline of English; your argument (the originality of your thesis and the evidence you marshal to prove it); and the quality of your critical sources. Within these parameters, write in your own voice and style. See the attached for more information about my marking criteria.
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