Research Pro on ICT


Assessment Instructions: Research Proposal

  • 1500 words
  • It is a proposal

–You do not have to carry out the research you propose to do.

–You should not report on research you have already done.

Introduction and Lit review

  • In your introduction you describe the topic you are interested in and why it is important to study.

–Clearly outline your research question

  • In a brief lit review you should discuss 3-8 sources

–The lit review should be brief.

–Should describe the main perspectives on your topic.

–Lit review should use scholarly sources (do not use newspapers).



Body and conclusion

  • In the body of the report you will need to include the following points

–Who/what will be in your sample.

–Your method of data collection (ethnography, qualitative interviews, etc)

–Your method of analysis (grounded theory, content analysis, etc.)

–Ethical issues and how you would deal with them.

  • In the conclusion you should discuss the anticipated outcomes and how they will contribute to policy and scholarly debate.

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