research study

You have been hired by your chief administrator to conduct a research study examining “the effect of proposed budgetary restraints on the faculty; specifically morale and collegiality.”  Your administrator has asked that you prepare a research brief, describing what exactly you would research to address this topic and why.  In your brief, you should provide compelling evidence from the literature to support your proposed topic. In addition, you should address the following questions:
A.  What data would need to be collected?
B.    What collection methods are best suited to your study?
C.    How would you potentially analyze your data?
D.  What is the value/significance of a study of this type?
E.    What do the experts say about this type of study, from both content and a research methodology perspective?
F.    What ethical issues might arise during and from this type of study?
G.  What might be the limitations of your study from a methodological perspective?