research summaries

research summaries
Research Summaries:
The student will review 3 empirical articles (three separate articles) published in the years 2008 – 2018 involving
human subjects, one on each of the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional areas. Articles must be found in
scholarly journals such as Family Relations, Developmental Psychology or Child Development. Magazines, such
as Parenting Magazine, Time, Newsweek, etc., are NOT acceptable. NONE of the paper should be copied
directly from the article; instead students should rephrase the material IN THEIR OWN WORDS.
Each review should be no more than about 3 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12-point font. It
should summarize the information from the article in the following sections:
1. Reference: A complete APA reference (6th edition) of the article should appear at the top of the
2. Purpose of the Study: The review should clearly explain the hypothesis(ses) of the study, specifically
why it was conducted and what is hoped to be learned.
3. Sample: The review should describe the participants of the study (i.e., number, age, SES, location,
relationship status, etc.).
4. Method and Procedures: The review should describe the procedure of the study and the methods
followed to test the hypothesis(ses)
5. Results and Discussion: The review should address the overall findings of the study and the
contribution to the understanding of the topic.
Each article is worth 20 points – combined 60 points or 13% of your final grade.

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