Retail Marketing

Due Date: Your completed assignment must be submitted directly with the lecturer on May 20th 2018. Late submissions will not be accepted without prior approval.


Weighting: 50% (Report)


Submission: Hand in a hard copy report at the start of the class. Ensure that your assessment has both your name and student ID number clearly and securely attached; ensure that you have a back-up copy of your assignment.


Requirements: You are expected to develop a Retail Marketing Plan for a completely new retail venture to be located in Waiheke Island out from Auckland.


Part 1 Developing a concept for the Retail Venture

Your retail concept should satisfy three objectives:-

  1. You need to be passionate about the idea
  2. The concept must provide sufficient value to its customers at a profit
  3. The concept must be different from competitors and something not too easily replicated

Part 2 The marketing viability of the Retail Venture

Ask yourself:-

  1. does the concept create or add value for customers?
  2. Does the range of merchandise meet a need or meet demand in the market place?
  3. Is the market large enough with sufficient potential to generate sales to make a profit?

Part 3 Environmental analysis


  1. Industry size and trends
  2. Customer to target description in terms of benefits
  3. Direct and indirect competitors and environmental factors

Part 4 The retailing concept


  1. The total retail experience
  • store design (described with an artist impression) (map of location, front view as seen outside and top view of the basic floor plan)
  • displays and signage (interior and exterior)
  • wall, floor and ceiling treatments (including lighting and sound)
  • employee dress
  • wrappings (shopping bags etc)
  • brand name, logo and USP
  • range of merchandise
  • parking
  • internet site navigation
  • enquires and service recovery
  • number of sales people
  • pricing
  1. Approach to Customer Service
  • store operating hours
  • parking
  • shopper friendliness of store layout
  • credit acceptance
  • sales acceptance
  • sales people
  • gift wrapping services
  • rest rooms and changing rooms
  • employee politeness
  • delivery policies
  • queue management
  • handling inquiries
  • customer follow up
  1. How relationship retailing will occur
  • focusing on the total retail experience
  • monitoring customer satisfaction (short questionnaire)
  • managing word of mouth
  • managing social network site and loyal customers
  • managing service encounters
  • managing point of sale experiences
  • managing perceptions and cues from physical evidence
  • managing customer expectations
  • staying in touch with customers
  • customer contact

Part 5 Marketing Communication Mix Implementation


  • magazine advertisement
  • newspaper advertisement
  • television commercial
  • radio commercial
  • outdoor billboard
  • direct mail
  • signage
  • coupons
  • brochure
  • website and social network
  • carrier bags and wrappings

The following General Grading System will be used for marking all sections:

  • Not performed

1-2:         Token gesture only, lacking substance, inadequate

3-4:         Below an acceptable standard, or some parts performed OK but incomplete

5-6:         Reasonable, minimum acceptable standard achieved, some parts may have been actioned to a good standard but other aspects are poor or missing.

7-8:                 Good to very good; met requirements; could improve by increasing depth i.e. better application to the example – overall a high standard.

9-10:        Very good to excellent – exceeded requirements, demonstrated good research skills, some aspects may have been clearly superior to peers, and scores of 10 reflect work that is well above the standard of peers.


Sections and Lengths:-

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Part 1 i.e. developing the marketing concept (worth 5%), (no more than half page)
  • Part 2 i.e. marketing viability (worth 5%), (no more than half page)
  • Part 3 (worth 5%), (no more than 2 pages)
  • Part 4 (worth 30%), (no more than 10 pages)
  • Part 5 (worth 15%), (no more than 4 pages)
  • Conclusion (worth 5%), (no more than 1 pages)
  • References (worth 5%), (APA style- see your library for guidelines)
  • Appendix (worth 15%), (attach actual marketing material)
  • Presentation (worth 15%)


Written Project Presentation Style:

Maximum of 18 pages excluding references and the appendix.


Retail Marketing Plan and Presentation                                                                       Marking Sheet

Weighting 50%

  Worth Marks
Marketing Plan 60%  
Part 1 developing the marketing concept 5%  
Part 2 marketing viability 5%  
Part 3 environmental analysis 5%  
Part 4 the retailing concept 30%  
Part 5 marketing communication mix implementation 15%  
Conclusion 5%  
Addressing Part’s 1 and 2 questions to determine the success of the retail venture and its likely achievements in the first year    
Appendix 15%  
Inclusion of marketing material    
References 5%  
Presentation 15%  
Clearly describing how the plan will work.    
Total 100%  



















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