Revision is Writing peer responds

  1. How would you define revision? How much value do you place on revision in the larger context of creating a sound piece of writing (be honest)?I would define revision as adding, taking away or moving around parts of a piece. For example there may be a paragraph in the piece that could be better written by adding more detail, taking away more detail, or simply taking the entire paragraph out. Personally I place revision very high in value, now. I have always been one to be able to accept effective criticism very well. When writing I already know that I do not like to write therefore there is always room for revision. I like to get other peoples opinions because I like for my writing to be understood by whom ever may read it.

    2. What do you think about the perception of revision as tedious and the view that (especially in academia) it is very often just “busy work” or “a hoop” that we engage as a requirement as opposed to a means to an end (with the “end,” hopefully, being a more effective piece of writing)?

    I have to say before taking this class I always thought of revision as tedious and busy work. However, now that I see the benefits of revision, my outlook has changed. I can now see and understand why is necessary. I see now that no writing is really ever 100% complete, there is always room to make it better. What I believe to be done, the 5th person reading my paper may think it needs more detail, the 10th person may think it has to much detail in a different area. I do not see it as a means to an end per say but I see it as an opportunity to continuously make a piece of writing better.

    3. Think about what approach to revision has been most helpful/successful for you personally. Briefly outline the specifics of this approach, highlighting why you find it helpful.

    What I find to be the most helpful about revision is having the opportunity to have others read and give feedback on our work. This helped me to understand what the readers are not getting as well as what they understand out of my writing or the pieces we have completed in this class. This helped me to be successful in revision process by being able to make it clear on what needed changed, taken out, or added for my audience to have a better understanding of the point.

    4. What do you believe to be the difference between revision and editing?

    In my opinion the difference in revision and editing is revision is actually adding, taking away, or changing and/or moving things around in a writing. Editing on the other hand is merely just simply proofreading and looking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks. When revising a piece of writing, you are looking for ways to make the piece better verses just rewording a sentence because of grammar rules or adding a comma, period, or exclamation point. Revision is more than just a simple, overlooked mistake, it is a chance to make your writing better to read and understand.


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