Seattle neighborhood farmers markets in SCC on Sunday

Seattle neighborhood farmers markets in SCC on Sunday

Paper details:
Cultural Research Project: Instead of a final exam, this assignment will require you to 1) attend or participate in a cultural event or gathering during spring quarter 2015 and 2) write a 6 page research paper on your experiences. Examples that meet the requirements for this assignment are weddings, sporting events, conventions, etc. It will be essential that your cultural experience be lengthy and rich enough to yield quality material. A topical outline and grading rubric for this paper are included below. Topics must be cleared through the instructor, and the cultural experience MUST TAKE PLACE DURING SPRING QUARTER 2015.

For formatting purposes, please submit document as a Microsoft Word attachment only.


Section 1: Introduction

What is your cultural event?
Why did you choose this event?

Section 2: Literature Review (at least 4 sources)

What was the amount of background material you were able to find on this type of topic?

What does this material say about the background of your topic? (Use specific quotes!)

In-text APA or MLA format is acceptable.

Section 3: Critical Discussion of Cross-Cultural Experience

Provide an in-depth description of your experience.
What were the cultural characteristics you noticed at this event?
What were the cultural symbols you observed in your experience, and what did they represent?

Section 4: Bibliography/List of References

List all sources for quotations, statistics and figures, and other referenced information included in the research paper.
APA or MLA format is acceptable.

Be sure to label each section, include a cover page, spell check, correct grammar, etc. The grading rubric that will be used to score this paper is below: