Sexual disorder

For many beginning psychologists, one of the most difficult topics to broach with a client is the topic of sex: sexual orientation, sexual behavior, or sexual problems. Specifically, erectile dysfunction is one such topic. Erectile dysfunction is generally characterized by a male’s inability to produce or maintain an erection. At times, males refrain from discussing the topic for many reasons. Among the most prevalent reasons is that the dysfunction is perceived as a threat to the client’s manhood. By using professional sensitivity and consideration of other personal factors such as cultural awareness and client privacy, psychologists may produce a comfortable environment in which to lead the client into discussion.

For this Application, you review the client in the case study in the Learning Resources. Apply Axes I through V diagnoses. Remember, Axis V concerns a psychologist’s assessment of a patient’s ability to function in daily life. Be sure to pay particular attention to symptoms of the disorder and the influence of the disorder on the client as well as the client’s significant other.
The Assignment (3–4 pages)
• An Axes I through V diagnosis of the client in the case study
• An explanation of your rationale for assigning these diagnoses on the basis of the DSM-IV-TR
• An explanation of what other information you might need about the client to make an accurate diagnosis
• A brief description of additional individuals you might include in your assessment and explain why
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources as well as current literature used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.
Case study:
Husband and wife visit a counselor ; Husband says is so frustrating when I try to have sex with my wife just don’t get erect . I’m healthy, I rarely drink. The counselor asks the wife; How things are going? wife says: things are going good, or maybe my husband have not sleep with me. Husband says I’m working in my MBA program. Wife says: I told you sometimes seems like the computer comes first. The counselor asks the husband; What other things are going with you? He says: I been watching porno in the computer; the counselor asks do you masturbate, he says yes, that you ejaculate? He says yes. I got cut at work watching porno but I stop. They gave me a warning; Wife says: But how I thought you couldn’t. He puts his face down. Wife says are you are doing the same thing with the cellular phone.
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