Short Answer Assignment Assessment Briefing

Short Answer Assignment Assessment Briefing             January 2015

The Short Answer Assignment is 20% of your overall assessment mark. It consists of three parts; one relating to Theme 3 (Corporate Strategy and Decision Making) and two relating to Theme 5 (Strategy Future – Employability, Leadership and Current Trends). Each part is approximately 500 words or equivalent (1500 words in total or equivalent).  The reference list is not included in the word count.

You should complete all three parts as a single Word document or PDF and upload it to your Personal Journal on weblearn. Make sure that each question is clearly labelled to avoid confusion. It is advisable to complete each part soon after we cover the relevant material in class so it is still fresh in your mind.

Due Date: uploaded to Weblearn Personal Journal by 3pm on Monday 11th May 2015

Part 1
1.1 What are the main advantages and disadvantages of organic growth compared with growth through acquisition or alliance? Use academic sources and reference your answer using the Harvard system.  (c400-450 words)

1.2 Identify and briefly discuss two well-known companies that have developed through organic growth. (c50-100 words)

Note: session 16 of the module and chapter 10 of the core module text book will help with this.

Part 2 (c500 words in total)
2.1 Develop a table which summarises the differences and similarities in the type of strategy work typically undertaken by these four groups:
•    Senior Executive Teams
•    Middle and front line managers
•    Strategy specialists e.g. analysts and planners
•    Strategy Consultants

2.2 If you wanted to get a strategy job after leaving university, what sort of jobs might you be eligible for immediately and what sort of early career roles or further education might provide a stepping stone to achieve your ambition in the longer term?

Note: session 23 of the module and chapter 15 of the core module text book will help with this.

Part 3
3.1 What is the difference between Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership? Use academic sources and reference your answer using the Harvard system.  (c250 words)

3.2 Name two company Chief Executives who you think have demonstrated effective strategic leadership and explain why. (c250 words)

Note: session 26 of the module will help with this (also chapter 16 of Lynch is a good academic source). Lynch  R (2010) Strategic Management, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall.

Assessment Criteria: Short Answer Assignment
Basics are right
•    Complete & Timely
All three entries are present and submitted on time
•    Specific
Entries clearly address the questions set
Quality is high
•    Well written and thorough
Entries are well presented and articulately written. Questions are addressed fully and concisely and good use is made of the limited word count.
•    Insight and understanding
Entries demonstrate depth of reflection and insight and understanding of the module content e.g. accurate application of a model or detailed consideration of a case study or issue
•    Evidence of Scholarship –  Harvard style Referencing
There is evidence of academic reading and scholarship (academic sources not Entries are well referenced using the Harvard system.