Social Work

You will be provided a vignette (below) to write a paper that includes: (a) an assessment of the client’s situation; (b) utilization of Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development; and
c) discuss any ethical issues and how you would approach them.


Elise is a 15 year old African American female. She is a good student and is involved in sports in her school. In fact, she has been chosen for a scholarship to her state school for track. Elise has been dating Courtney, a 16 y.o. African American male who attends the same school as Elise, He is also a very good student and athlete. Recently, Elise discovered that she was pregnant and is very scared and confused as o what to do. Elise’s mother and father are divorced and live apart. The mother, who was an unwed pregnant teen herself, demands that Elise get an abortion or she will be thrown out of the house. Elise’s father, who is Catholic, is very much against abortion and states that if Elise gets one her soul will be damned to hell. He wants Elise to keep the baby and move in with his new family. Courtney was for abortion at first but realizes that he really cares for Elise and vows to support her when he is able if she keeps their baby. Elise doesn’t know what to do. If she keeps the baby she may not be able to attend college and experience a life similar to her mother, but if she aborts she is afraid that she will alienate her father and maybe even be damned for all eternity.

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