• Please write a brief summary about your Business
  • How do you know this business will make a difference?
  • For example:
  • Have you done some research to see who else is running similar projects to the ones you are proposing? How will your project differ from theirs?
  • Have you talked or surveyed the people that you want to help through your business, and understood their needs?
  • Have you talked to experts in the field who have run similar projects?
  • Did you run activities or run a pilot project?

(Maximum 200 words)

  • If you have already started your business, please tell us about what you have done so far.
  • Do you have staff or volunteers in the business? If so, what roles do they play? What are your plans for involving people in the future?
  • Will your business be working with under 18-year-olds or vulnerable adults? If so, please give details.
  • Where is, or where will be, the base for your business? Where does it, or where will it, deliver services?
  • How do you plan to raise income and become sustainable in the future?
  • For example:
    • Trading
    • Sponsorship
    • Fees
    • Grants
  • Please tell us why you want to develop this business?
  • What are your main reasons for setting up or being involved in this project?
    • What motivates you?
    • What led you to this point?
    • Do you have any experience of the issues you are seeking to address?
  • What else do you want to tell us that is relevant to your application?
  • This might include any activities that you are currently undertaking or planning; previous experience or qualifications that you may have.


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