Sociology QUALITATIVE Research Proposal

Instructions: 5 pages in total, double-spaced, 12 pt. font. Due on Blackboard, Content, Final Research Proposal. Make a PDF or Word file attachment. If you do not have access to these files, please copy and paste in the submission box.
This qualitative research exercise requires you to: (a) develop an empirical research question (it might be multiple related questions) on a topic suitable for qualitative research; (b) find the appropriate literature that addresses your research topic and discuss how your research contributes to the literature; (c) explain and design your qualitative research methods appropriate for the question: participant observation, in-depth interview, and/or focus groups.
A. Qualitative Research Topic and Questions (1-2 pages- 7 points): You will first choose a research topic and develop a research question(s) on this topic, which must be explained and justified as suitable for qualitative research. You need to tell me whether you can study the same questions using quantitative methods (surveys and experiments) in detail. Why and/or why not? What will qualitative research methods (participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups) reveal that other methods cannot about your question? You are expected to refer to the class readings on qualitative research and discuss how you will apply authors’ suggestions to your own research project.
B. Literature Review (2 pages- 7 points): Based on our discussion of literature review during the last week, you will search for articles and books that relate to your research topic on the Library Website. This component aims to familiarize you with conducting literature review and discuss what the existing research has already revealed about your research topic. How are you planning to contribute to this existing literature with your project? (This question asks you to explain what other research revealed about the topic you are interested in and what aspects of the topic you would study). You are expected to cite and discuss at least 3 academic articles and/or books about your topic and explain what methods the authors used. Make sure to cite your articles and provide a list of the Readings you discussed.
C. Methods (2 pages- 6 points): Explain which of the qualitative methods you will use: participant observation, in-depth interview, and/or focus group study to collect your data and why. You can propose to use more than one of these methods. The important part is to explain how these methods will help you answer your research questions. Once you explain your choice of methods, describe more specifically:
If you are using participant observation: Where, when, and for how long you would conduct your observations; what types of interactions would you pay attention to (between what actors and why); how do you think your identity will influence the research setting and the participants’ behaviors (reflexivity and trust issues) and (how) do you plan to address these issues?
If you are using in-depth interviews and focus groups: List the questions you will be asking during your interview and focus group study in the order that you would raise these questions. You should revisit the readings on qualitative research to remember tips about asking questions during an interview.

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