Speech 105- Principles of Speech Communication

Speech 105- Principles of Speech Communication

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Watch a television show or listen to a talk-radio program that is highly “partisan” or one-sided, preferably one with which you share political views. Listen closely to claims made by the speaker and try to identify the fallacies or other lapses in reasoning you perceive the speaker to be making. This will not be easy since you may share the political view and so may not be able to separate your own beliefs and look at the reasoning from an objective viewpoint. Try. Try hard. Write down some of the lapses or fallacies. Once the show has finished, begin working on this assignment.

You will be writing a paper outlining the lapses or fallacies in reasoning presented on the show. You should have three or four to discuss. Your paper should include an introduction, conclusion and body. Make sure you identify the show and the time and channel you watched/heard it. You should have one body paragraph for each of the lapses you heard.

The length is up to you, but please keep in mind college-level standards and the points value for this assignment. It is worth 50 points.