Speech Writing is Challenging!

Having a gift of the garb is truly an exceptional gift. It means that you can speak and get people to walk your talk for you. However, even the most gifted of us shudder at the thought of standing in front of any group of people that is larger than the five people you had to speak in front of at the family meeting. Let’s face it: the only people who are going to sit and act like they are not at pains to listen to your chaotic soliloquy are those at the AA meeting that you attend and possibly your cat – and only if your speech is about cat food. Many of us are not as equally gifted in originating ideas as we are in transforming other peoples ideas into words that take a new life on their own as soon as they leave our mouths. It is a crude joke of nature: many exceptional writers are not really adept at speaking, and many orators are poor speech writers. Presidents the world over are opting to buy a speech: they have a team of people who are on a payroll just to ensure that the politician says the right thing and in the right tone. If you are no president, you can still manage to buy a speech.

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