stakeholder analyze ( the steps to identfy it)2

stakeholder analyze ( the steps to identfy it)2

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the analysis is based on article i will upload later.
Read the article paying for plasma- canada’s double standard

Paying for plasma – Canada’s double standard?

Your task:
Complete stakeholders analysis, assuming you are the government and seeking to answer the question “should paying for plasma be permitted in Canada”.
Identify three stakeholders and complete a stakeholder analysis, following the
framework presented in Lecture 2. Your submission should include:

– A 100 word (maximum) statement of the issue.
– Your information gathering matrix (eg slide 16 of the lec 2), including assessment (red highlights for tensions, green for synergy). You should start with the categories of information provided (assumptions, values etc) in the template/examples, but can add your own categories if you feel that some categories are missing for the problem you’ve identified. This matrix should be between 1-2 pages. ( I will upload the lec slides please see the table on the lec to follow the form).

– Your influence/interest matrix, placing your stakeholders into the appropriate cell (eg slde 18 or 19 from Lecture 2).

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