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Common core is one of the hot issues for the upcoming 2016 President Election in the United States. Why is common core a hot topic? The topic of higher education has been a debate going back to before the Civil War in the 1860s because education is the future. Common core is “state standards initiative; preparing America’s standard for a college and career” (Core State Standard Initiative, 2015). The article “Embedding Secondary Transition in the Common Core State Standards” (Bartholo) looks at how the common core works with students with disabilities.

Common core is a difficult topic to understand. This article is able to let the reader understand how this standard can change the United States’ education system from elementary school to higher education. Well written by the authors, the reader is able to understand explain what common core is and what standards it is setting for student with disabilities. How this article is written is the main component on why the reader is able to understand the purpose the authors are trying to make. The graphs and examples breaks up the standard article to show the readers examples of their points to give a greater visual. The great graphs and visuals tells the readers that the problem with common core when teaching student with disabilities is time.

Teaching students with disabilities they want to provide not only college preparation but career readiness as well. Common core is principles of teaching is focus mostly on educational skills but students with disabilities continue to need education in secondary transition skills for everyday living. Deprived of these transition skills, students with disabilities missing the basics they need to thrive after their education has ended. Teachers of student with disabilities are not the only that have interested in this article; Council of Chief State School Officers and the Common Store Standard committee are looking into articles like this one to see a real life example of what the layout is doing in the everyday classroom. Articles and examples like this one are helping show what changes might need to be done to benefits all students of education.

Preparing students for higher education is an important issue for students all around the United States. When looking at common core, the larger picture has to look at all the students that are affect by this state standard on education. Embedding secondary transition in the common core state standards is taking a concern for the American people and using real life examples to show the readers that changes still need to be done for all students with disabilities to succeed for college and their career.

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