Study abroad personal statement


Yun Chen Chou

Personal Statement

I am an international student from Taiwan, and I have been studying abroad in the U.S for almost four years. I left my country when I was 17, and I am always considering about should I followed others and walking regularly, which is the most international students do, to transfer to a university in the U.S, and finish their higher education. However, the bottom deep of my voice, I am wondering being able to study in Europe, and I just decided with my parents that I will transfer to French at the end of next year. Suddenly, I saw this program and think about maybe it’s great for the first step to open my eyes to see what’s differences in lifestyle between here, and my home place.

Accomplish while studying abroad I wish I can be the person who is flexible can accept people and things from different places, the reason is I felt like I have been staying in a position for too long. Especially for my first study abroad practices, I was young, so in some ways, I am accustomed to friends and knowing too much about the places here; it is hard for me to jump out of the box, and facing the challenge by myself.

I choice the curation studied as my major after I transfer to Europe, and look up to the course provider for the program I am interested in to access the cultural appreciation. Moreover, I believe to have the real action can help me to understand more in-depth for the creation job in the historical setting in the future.

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