Supernatural Elements in Macbeth

10th Grade Literature and Composition

Macbeth Unit


Research Argumentative Essay


Overview: You will write a 2-3 page research argumentative essay that relates to Macbeth. Below, you will find the guidelines, requirements, and deadline. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!



Select a topic: You will find the required research at the sites listed above!


TOPIC 1: Could Macbeth be based on actual historical events in Scotland?


TOPIC 2: What sort of role does the supernatural play in Shakespeare’s time? How is it apparent in the play?


TOPIC 3: A topic of your choice based on Macbeth (If you go this route, you MUST have a separate approval sheet filled out, submitted to your teacher, and approved before starting the next step).


Research: You will use the Gale Opposing Viewpoints and/or Galileo websites for your research. You must use AT LEAST three sources in your essay and properly cite your research. One of the sources should be the play Macbeth.



You will be evaluated in these areas:

  • Elements of argument
  • Fluency
  • Grammar/editing
  • Basic MLA Format
  • MLA Works Cited page
  • MLA Quote Integration and Documentation
  • Bonus points
  • com (must be submitted to both and your teacher)

Please see the rubric for a detailed breakdown.


DUE DATE: Monday, May 14th at the beginning of class.

***If you know you will be absent on this date, you will be required to turn your paragraph in BEFORE the deadline. (See rubric for more information). Exemptions from finals will be determined after this grade is in the gradebook.***


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