Survey of Design- final

Survey of Design- final

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answer these three questions in the paper. “Each answer should be around 300-400 words with well-organized and analytical response and concrete examples as support. Three responses should all have clear complete introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph.” Please seperate each response with title answer#1, answer #2, answer #3. It is a midterm essay, so pls find the answers from the texts that I give you. (These texts are from the book: History of Modern Design by David Raizman)

***Here are the questions: (1) Discuss three movements that are considered the avant-garde. How did they contribute to the invention of a design mentality as well as aesthetics that rejected traditions? To what extent did the products of these movements
influence later developments in the twentieth century?

(2) What is the difference between Expressionist and Functionalist modernism? Select two design movements that illustrate this difference and discuss several examples. How do these two movements overlap and diverge in their
responses to industrialization?

3) Analyze the ways in which modernism evolved from the interwar to the postwar decades. Were there points of continuity in forms and concepts? What were the points of departure that could be explained by new developments in an increasingly corporate and consumerist society?