T beam

Each of your teammates will design and test their own cantilever beam. You need to submit, on eCampus…
3 clear photos of 3 different angles of the design to show all components of the beam itself, without weights. (15 pts)
At least 3 clear photos of the beam with weights on it (15 pts). I suggest you take a picture of the beam each time you put a new weight on it, and pick the best 3 pictures. At least one picture should include a ruler showing the weights are 12” from the edge of the table.
1 picture of the beam when it fails. (5 pts)
1 picture with all the weights on a scale, showing me the total value. (5 pts)
Calculate the maximum supported torque of your design using the equation below (10 pts)
F= linear force
r = distance measured from the axis of rotation to where the linear force is applied
Ѳ = the angle between F and r
the writing isn’t too much, it shouldn’t take more than 2 pages, most of it are pictures.

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