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Press release – October 03, 2012

primeessaypapers.com is an academic writing company that is based in the United Kingdom with a major branch in the United States. It is a well established academic writing company with many years in the market. primeessaypapers.com provides services ranging from term paper writing and selling, research paper writing, thesis/dissertation writing, essay writing and selling, assignment buying and selling, resume writing, editing, proofreading and formatting. It offers customized term paper online which means that they are written according to the client’s specifications.

primeessaypapers.com spokesperson said, “We are aware that lecturers may not be too happy with students buying a term paper online, because he/she may feel that the student will miss out on the research and writing of the paper. This is why we ensure that our clients are involved in every relevant step while writing the term paper. After all, our aim is to ensure that more students get better grades in school and achieve their academic goal. primeessaypapers.com has a proven track record of excellence and success; we have earned a great reputation of delivering quality services whenever we put pen to paper and we will continue with good services until we become the best among all the rest”.

According to primeessaypapers.com, term paper online service may comprise more than purchasing, it could also include writing, the term paper writers can help someone come up with a topic, create a thesis statement, collect data, analyze the results, write down the discussion, edit, proofread, format and prepare for presentation.

Not all term paper online service providers are to be trusted; often times there have been cases of fraud by dubious companies. Students are always advised to do a background check of the company they would want to seek services from before placing an order. primeessaypapers.com manager said that they are a legitimate company and they have professional degree holders who have specialized in different fields of study and therefore they can carry out research on any topic in any field without any difficulty and with 100% originality.

Just like many other academic writing companies, primeessaypapers.com offers numerous guarantees to its clients. According to the primeessaypapers.com manager the guarantees offered by many companies do not matter much, what matters is whether or not they will be kept. He said that primeessaypapers.com has an exciting list of guarantees which include; discounts, free revisions of papers to the client’s satisfaction, giving money back to their clients in case they are not at all satisfied with the work done, transferring ownership rights of the paper to the client upon delivery, confidentiality of the client, on time delivery, fair pricing and most of all first class quality of the papers.

primeessaypapers.com was founded some years back to provide students with academic writing services. Based in the United Kingdom, it is well established in providing such services. The site offers a wide range of articles, researching services and materials for educational and non-educational purposes.

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