the compact bedford introduction to literature"

the compact bedford introduction to literature”

read the book name is “the compact bedford introduction to literature”
the page 201 page 246 page 254 page 274

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English 122—Brian Holcomb
Lesson 5 : MLA Review, Peer Review, Essay Due
Assignment Due Date
Begin thinking about your own essay topic: Read the document “Analysis of Short Fiction Criteria” located
in the Essay Criteria Sheets module very carefully – you will be graded based on the information given
in this criteria sheet. Be working on your essay throughout the next several days.
Read the sections on MLA documentation in your textbook. Pay special attention to the information re:
integrating quotes.
NOTE: You are required to use MLA style of documentation and formatting on all your literary essays and
writings for this course.
Choose one of the short stories we read in Lesson 4 and follow the guidelines outlined on the “Analysis of
Short Fiction Criteria” sheet in the Essay Criteria Sheets module in order to produce a polished rough draft that
you will then post it using copy and paste on the discussion board topic titled “Peer Review – Analysis of
Short Fiction.” As stated in the syllabus: do NOT attach files to the discussion board.
Complete this “Color Coding Workshop”. You are responsible for responding to 2 other student papers by
the deadline.
Be sure to only review papers that do not yet have 2 responses.
For each of your two peer reviews, follow the guidelines below:
Open and then copy and paste your peer’s rough draft to your response post. Then carefully read your peer’s
rough draft. Using different colors, highlight each of the following elements in your classmate’s essay in a
different color (and make note of which color you are using for each element in your general comments
at the end of the paper!):
• Thesis
• Analysis
• Textual Examples (i.e. quotes/support directly from the story)
• Summary/plot description
• Transitions
In addition to highlighting these sections, you should also make review comments in the body of the
paper as well as comments at the end of the paper summarizing your impressions. Then post the
reviewed essay.
Once you get the color-coded feedback on your own essay, examine your essay carefully. Look at the
balance of colors/elements to see where you need more clear examples and to see where you need to
balance your examples (or summary) with your analysis. A good rule of thumb is that however long your
example is, you should have at least twice that much analysis of it. In addition, generally there should
only be a minimal amount of plot summary. You should also be able to see clear transitions between