The Crime Analyst

The Crime Analyst

In this assignment, you will interview a crime analyst with a police department either by phone or in person. Of course there are going to be things that they will not be able to tell you. However, if you tell them right up front that you are a student taking a crime analysis class they will usually lighten up. Find out things about their jobs, qualifications, salary, job satisfaction, and duties.

If you are unable to interview a crime analyst please contact the instructor for an alternate assignment.

Instructions: Each assignment response needs to be 500- 1000 words, with APA 6th edition citations and references. Do Not Use MLA or any other form of referencing.
Remember each assignment post needs to be submitted as an attachment. The assignment should be written in 12’ font, using Times Roman. The font must be uniform and not consist of several different fonts.
Margins will also need to be 1 inch.
The paper must be written in the third person. Do not write I or we in your paper. If you are stating your opinion you need to use the term “this student.”
The student must download the assignment document and should follow the directions for each separate project. Each assignment response should be completed and uploaded as an attachment to the professor in the student’s Student Folder by the due date as a WORD DOC. Please submit these assignments as attachments and save them as under their assignment designation, i.e. assignment 1, assignment 2 with your full name. For example: John Smith Assignment 1
Each assignment will need to include the following information:
· the original question at the top of the essay
· the body of your answer in several paragraphs
· A titled reference section that has been formatted according to APA 6th ed style. i.e. References
· A minimum of three references per assignment. One reference can include the textbook. However, you will need to include two additional academic sources which can include academically based books, journals and government papers being acceptable. Examples of journals include:

Journal of Criminology

Crime and Public Opinion

Journal of Criminal Justice and Public Policy