The final project for this course is the creation of an insurance plan

                        Written Assignment

The final section of your portfolio is for the written assignment which will be type-written, fully referenced, with a word limit of 1500 words

  • a reference list will be submitted to support your written work (not included in the word limit)
  • full guidelines on referencing style and presentation of written work are provided as links from the module e-learning site
Essay question:


Should all nurses become mentors or not?

* Relate your exploration to your own profession and professional regulation.

·         We are not expecting a particular answer, you must present a balanced, convincing debate.

·         Explore the role of the mentor and what constitutes mentor competence, consider the requirements of professional regulatory bodies.

·         Evaluate the limitations of the mentor role.

·         Critically discuss the issues which might influence the decision to become and remain a mentor.

·         Justify your answer to the question.

·         You must draw upon relevant contemporary evidence to support your answer.


1500 word limit.

Work must be within the word limit. The word limit specified in module handbooks is the maximum number of words permissible and any excess will not be read or marked. The work that comes within the word limit will be assessed according to the guidelines. Therefore, if important parts of the assignment fall outside the word limit you are likely to fail the assignment. Appendices must be used appropriately and essential information placed within the text. Appendices, reference lists, tables and figures are not included in the word count.


Relevant literature should be used throughout to support your work.

Note:  Because you are not required to explore your own experience, this essay should be presented in the third-person.  



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