the name of the rose persuasive essay

Instructions: Choose ONE of the prompts below and construct a response of four
paragraphs. You should use your book and your notes. Your response must include: an
introduction (6-8 sentences) with a thesis sentence, two body paragraph (including 2 SPE
per paragraph), and a concluding paragraph (6-8 sentences). You must include at least
three direct quotations from the novel. You will be expected to hand in an outline or
some other form of prewriting and a polished final copy in ink.
Topic A. In The Name of the Rose, through the investigation and findings of Adso and
William, can knowledge lead individuals on a dangerous path towards heresy? What two
events lead you to this conclusion?
Topic B. In The Name of the Rose, the abbey represents a sort of mirror of the society
that surrounds it because of the fears and superstitions of the time. From a modern
perspective, can the abbey still accurately mirror our current society?


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