The Protest Psychosis and Disability Incarcerated

Drawing on the books The Protest Psychosis and Disability Incarcerated, write a 5-7 page essay in which you answer the following questions:

In what ways does social stratification along lines of race affect the diagnoses and treatment of mental illness? What is the relationship between prisons and mental illness?

You should not merely mention the readings, but discuss them with depth and clarity, offering correctly cited quotes. For the final paper, you will not have a chance to re-do the citations, and points will be taken off if they’re missing or done incorrectly.

You may refer to supplementary texts or videos, but you must demonstrate your understanding of the assigned readings.

Your essay should be 1000-1500 words. Please turn in both an attachment through the assignment link and cut and paste the text into the assignment box (not the comments box!).

An A paper will meet the following criteria:

Addresses both of the exam questions

Correctly cites the two books and uses direct quotations

Demonstrates understanding of the readings cited

Uses correct grammar and spelling, and is free of typos

Discussion is adequately developed, at least 1000 words, but not exceeding 1500 words

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