The war on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights.


Type your answers below each question and submit on Blackboard


Write the topic for your upcoming Essay3 : Argumentative. In other words, what is your essay about?




Write your thesis statement? i.e. for what issue are you arguing?



Write your topic sentences for each paragraph of your essay (i.e. the single main idea that you will discuss in each paragraph).

Paragraph 1:

Paragraph 2:

Paragraph 3:

Paragraph 4:

Paragraph 5:



Go to the Levi Watkins Learning Center homepage, then under Research Tools click on Databases by Title and then Academic Search Complete. You are now ready to type in a keyword or search phrase for articles for each of your topic sentences for Essay 3. List at least 5 keywords or search phrases you have used and that have yielded positive results for your Essay 3. Do NOT use full sentences or questions in a keyword search.


Now that you have searched the Academic Search Complete database using the keywords you have listed in #2,   choose 3 full-text articles in a scholarly journal related to your question that may be useful in your research.  List the article title, author [all authors], publication name [i.e. the name of the journal/periodical], volume/issue, and date for each article you found. Email yourself the 3 articles you have decided on for question.




Go back to the Levi Watkins Learning Center homepage and click on Library Catalog under Research Tools. Now use the same keywords and search phrases listed in #2. List two BOOKS that you found in the Levi Watkins Library Catalog (using these keywords or search phrases) which have potential for helping you research your question.  For each book include: the book title, author [all authors], publisher, publication date and city of publication. Email yourself these sources. If you want to check any out make sure you do so before you leave the library.


Go back to the Levi Watkins Learning Center homepage and click on Databases by Title under Research Tools and scroll down to “P” and find Newspaper Source. Click on it. This will allow you to search for newspapers and magazine articles on your particular topic. Now use the same keywords and search phrases listed in #2 and Find a full-text article that may be useful in your research question in #1.  List the article title, author, publication name, volume/issue, and date. Email yourself the article.



Answer these questions in one brief paragraph.

Briefly describe your research process.  Which steps, if any, were difficult to follow?  Why?

What did you learn today that surprised you?

Based on your findings with this exercise, do you have any tentative ideas for what to write about in your upcoming essay assignment?


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