Theme of an outsider Othello

Trace how Othello’s love for Desdemona turns to murder. How does the image of Othello change from a powerful commanding warrior to such a woeful dupe? What happens to him when he believes Desdemona is “false”? In what way does Othello’s position as an Outsider in Venetian society make him vulnerable to Iago’s plot? How does the “Motif of Speaking” factor in to Othello’s story? Consider how others speak of him and how he speaks of himself. Make sure you have a thesis that goes beyond a basic statement such as: “Othello was a general who killed his wife out of jealousy.”
For this essay you should
Present his initial characterization
Present all of Iago’s “evidence”
Show exactly how Othello’s behavior changes
Identify why he is so upset
Show how other characters react to him
Discuss in detail what happens in Acts 3.3 and 5.2
Focus on how the “Motif of Speaking” works to characterize Othello
Quote from the text and ICE them (introduce, cite, explain)
Include at least 1 lengthy explication of a long (10+ lines) quotation

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