Thesis and Rough Copy

Thesis and Rough Copy
When it comes to writing an essay, the thesis statement can oftentimes be the most daunting experience for most students. When writing a thesis, here is what you must keep in mind and follow
1) Your thesis must only be 1 sentence in length
2) Your thesis statement should appear at the end of your introduction (it should be the final sentence written in your introduction)
3) The thesis should not be written in the form of a question or quote, but rather a strong statement.
4) If I just read your thesis statement without reading the other part of your introduction, I should know right away what you will be writing your essay about because the thesis should be clear and to the point.
With that all said, here is what you will complete for this assignment!
#1- Thesis Statment Creation! (10 Marks)
For this part of the assignment, I want you to write your first idea for your thesis statement at the top of a page, and then write it 3 more times after that so that the last thesis that you write is strong, clear and concise. So in the end, you will write your thesis 4 times, the first time is a general thesis and the 4th one should be your good and final thesis statement. Think of a funnel, you want your thesis to go from a general focus to a strong central focus.
#2- Your rough copy! (15 Marks)
After you have completed your rough copy and you are confident with it you can submit it to the Thesis and Rough Copy dropbox for me to have a look. Please ensure that secondary sources that you found for your essay are cited and well integrated into your body paragraphs. The rough copy of your essay should contain a strong 4-5 sentence introduction with a clear thesis, 3 body paragraphs of at least 8-10 sentences and a conclusion of 4-5 sentences! Get writing!