Please help me finish my marketing proposal project. My project is about opening a food tour in Hawaii. I did attach more infomation about my project. Also, I already started on it I just need help to finish it. Please read instructions before starting.

Your project should be the equivalent of a 6-8 page research paper, however I recommend that you do a 2-4 page research paper (I need 1,000 words) APA format.

You should have two components in your project marketing + hospitality/tourism. Without both of them, you will not get full credit.

Please research a company- its competitors, environment, supply chain, customers, distributors, etc…

Apply the relevant chapters from 1-16 (although I do not expect you to incorporate all chapters).

I will be looking mainly at your research and how you came up with a small marketing plan or idea for them. Your marketing plan should be based off of your research and why its successful

The 2 points for the survey is part of your research, if you are going to do a quantitative survey, I expect 50-100 people filling out the survey. If you do a qualitative survey and interview people then I would only expect 2-4 very quality interviewees if you can get that. Please refer to chapter 5 on the importance of data.

I really want to see background research and not just your opinion,
As far as a grading:

7pts research

3pts incorporation of chapters

5pts marketing plan/originality/execution


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