Toward a Physical Internet: meeting the global logistics sustainability grand challenge


The term paper is expected to be written in a style that is appropriate for a university essay assignment, and it must not consist bullet-point lists. The term paper should include the following main parts:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Key words
  4. Introduction
  1. Body
  2. Problem
  1. Literature review
  2. Framework for solution
  1. Conclusion
  2. References


In the Introduction section, you are expected to explain the purpose and objectives as well as the roadmap (i.e. what are the main points) of the paper. If a position is expected to be taken that should also be included in the introduction section. In the body of the term paper you are expected to cover the main points of your discussion in a logical, concise and comprehensive way. In the conclusion section, you are expected to summarize the key findings of your term paper. It is expected that you use proper format for quotations and referencing. In addition, the term paper should be free of errors in spelling and punctuation

In the body section, you are expected to explain the purpose and the following objectives:



  • Introduction to challenges – identify the key problem(s) the international business is facing.
  • Demonstrate that you have researched and understood the problem.

Literature review (Situation Analysis)

  • Background – set the scene with background literature, a history of the problem
  • Relevant facts including additional research information
  • Ask the new questions at the end of literature review

Sensitize (Alternatives Courses of Action)

  • Outline possible alternatives to the problem
  • Explain constraints
  • Reasons why would/ would not be best
  • Why they are rejected

Framework for solution (Recommendation)

  • Proposed Realistic Solution
  • Explain why this solution was chosen
  • Tie in concepts for class (theories, text readings, discussions, lectures)
  • If applicable recommend further actions (future research)
  • Outline what should be done



  • In your write up be clear what are facts, expert opinion, what are your assumptions and what are personal views. Do not make assumptions that alleviate the problem.
  • Determine what needs to be in the main report and what can be put in the appendix




How we could read more about the topic?

  • Use web sources, books and other resources to know more about the topic to choose the best one based on your interests
  • Discuss in your team and find a best direction
  • Scientific Papers from (2010-2016) (each person 20 papers)

As regards to the referencing and bibliography are concerned Harvard or APA referencing systems are the preferred. The term paper needs to include a short abstract, concise executive summary and table of contents. Please include reasonable number of diagrams, and tables (which may also be included in an Appendix). Please write the term paper as, double-spaced, font Times New Roman size 12, and with page numbers on bottom and in the middle. The term paper should be sent by email

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