Training and development environment ( human resource)

Training and development environment ( human resource)

You are to prepare a Needs Analysis of an organisation that you can obtain access to. This is an applied assignment, and it is essential that you are able to apply the knowledge in the subject to a real organisation. This assignment relates to topics 2-5 of the subject.
This Needs Analysis should identify:
• One (1) main training and / or development need
• Recommend options Eg. training programs that would address this need.
In your submission, you will need to address the following:
– The choice of methods used in the Needs Assessment
– Gaps identified between required performance and actual performance
– Justification for your recommendations
– Using reference to relevant learning theories from this subject, why the specific training program (including the delivery style) meets the identified skill development need/s of the organisation and their staff cohort/s.

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate their ability to identify and critically evaluate the environmental forces influencing Australian organisations and their strategic training responses; be able to conduct a strategic needs analysis for an organisation and, be able to recommend suitable learning theories that can be utilised in specific organisational environments. The assessment also provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to synthesise and critically evaluate academic literature, and apply practical reasoning to address real world problems.

Presentation (important format and points need to include in the report)
Your submission should include the following sections as a minimum:
Table of Contents
– should list sections and page numbers

– should overview the current situation / background at the organisation

– should explain the particular need you have chosen to focus on for this organisation

– should explain the reason for your choice of the particular area you have chosen to focus on for this

– should outline the breadth/depth of your plan/focus

– should explain the factors that influenced your decisions, including potential enablers or barriers

– should explain the program you are proposing to meet the need and why

– should explain how theory underpins and informs your plan

– should contain a clear and detailed plan that includes a schedule

Conclusions / Recommendations
– should contain clear conclusions and recommendations for next steps

– as usual this section should list all your references in APA format.


In order to past, teacher requires us:
1.Must include our text book of one of the reference which is:
Werner, J., & DeSimone, R. (2012). Human Resource Development. Cengage Learning.
2. Using the real experience to link the theories. Teacher required us to use an company that we worked before.. Or if I don’t have working experience, I could choose a particular company, I prefer an muticulure company with some tangible products pls select one company and put the company name into the assignment. Don’t need to be a famous company but it’s located in Australia.
3. Appy the theory into this real company. You can use some data( you can make up a bit if u can’t find the references) to explain the theory. This report focus more on the application of the theory. Pls Don’t talk too much the theory itself.