Unit Assignment Marks Tracking System


ISYS217 Project “Unit Assignment Marks Tracking System”

Design, develop and test a python program to track student marks in the various assignments in a given unit of study.

The functional requirements of the system are:

  1. a) The system should be able to manage the marks for 2 types of internal assessments: discussion forums and a final project.
  2. b) A unit has one final exam.
  3. c) The distribution of the marks for each type of assessment is same as in your unit outline:
Assessment Weighting
DF Report 20%
Project(includes project code and viva) 30%
Final Exam 50%
  1. d) The system should be able to store and retrieve the marks obtained in each assessment for each student in a specified unit.
  2. e) The system should produce a report to identify those students whose marks are below the average in each type of assessment
  3. f) The system produce a bar chart indicating the total marks awarded to each student at the end of the semester. Total marks are equal to DF Report marks plus the marks for the project plus the final examination marks.
  4. g) The system should be able to produce a report of those students whose marks are below the class average

Non-functional requirements of the system are

  1. a) The system should be user friendly, intuitive to use and driven by a menu. The system should have a text based menu driven end-user interface. The menu should have options for: data entry of marks for each student and reporting of marks of all students or a specific student as indicated in functional requirements (e) and (g) above.
  2. b) The reports generated by the python program should be neatly formatted.


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