University Technology of Sydney

University Technology of Sydney

When you write please following with those questions:

Why you want to study the relevant course?

Extend my corporate study.

Professional environments study at the


The course in UTS (University Technology of Sydney) most ofthe aspects in marketing studies such as marketing strategies, buyer
behaviour in marketing management.

The course allow for doing research optional its combination of critical marketing and practical skills

course. The course offered at the UTS city campus,,

Why you believe you are a good candidate?

I have successfully achieved a bachelor

degree from overseas,

High ambitions for a higher degree.

Finically stable due to sponsor ship by the Saudi government,

I am excited

about trying different place and culture (Sydney).

Optimistic about expanding my knowledge through the resources ofthe UTS and its


How to contribute your future?

I am planning to work as constant as marketing.

I am looking forward to work individual or in

team to accomplish a job

Applying a marketing technique, concept and framework to environments.