urban tourism

So basically for Blerton assignment you got to write 4000 words . But the actually essay splits into 2 parts
The first part is based on tourism planning strategy plans, you for to explain what’s is a strategy plan and why is brings a positive effect to the tourism industry
Which are the benefits of using a tourism strategy plan and you have to give an example of a destination that got beneficial from it
In the same part you have to explain the planning approach.
Economical, community based, etc. You explain those very briefly , then you take one of those approach and evaluate it. Then you choose another destination where the tousim approach has been implemented and give the positive and elnegative effects
Then the second part is about historical buildings , you have to explain how reuse historical buildings are useful and how do they contribute to the strategic tourism development. You have to choose one historical building in London that is used for tourism and events and stuff like this and explain how this one is beneficial to the social area around and economicak.


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