Video games in pop culture

ENG 105: PAPER 4                                                            

For your fourth and culminating project of the term, you will produce another short research paper, similar in scope to Paper 3. Draw on all of your experience in the course thus far and produce a quality, well-considered, formal, and argumentative paper.

Consider a Popular Culture topic that you might like to research. And, for the purposes of this assignment, the topic must address some element of American Popular Culture. Again, consider carefully and choose a topic you have some familiarity with and one that will provide a good number of potential sources. Make sure the scope of your topic will fit into our 3 to 4 page assignment parameters. The required Works Cited page will not be included in the page count.  Once you’ve decided on a topic, follow these steps:




Length: 3 to 4 pages, not including the required Works Cited page


Sources: The paper must incorporate information from at least four outside sources. One

source must be a book, one must be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.


Quotes, Paraphrases: you must include…


1 short, in-text quote


1 quote introduced with a colon


1 block quote (long prose quotation)


1 paraphrase


*These are minimums and you may incorporate more.


Format: Follow MLA research paper format throughout the project, paying attention to

              rules for margins, headings and headers, titles, quotes, paraphrases, parenthetical

notes, and works cited page entries. If necessary, review Chapter 14 in the HCR

for both MLA guidelines and a sample research paper.


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