work effectively with others

Think about your experiences of the in class group activities and your previous and/or current relevant work experiences.

1. Suggest three (3) reasons why teams may not work well. Clearly dot point each reason.
(5 marks each/ 15 marks)

2. Underneath each reason – record your thoughts, observations or suggestions.
(25 marks each/ 75 marks)

Assignment Guidelines:
• Total Assignment content to be 600 – 750 words
• Approximately 200 – 250 words per ‘Reason’ including your thoughts / observations.
• This page must be retained as your Assignment Coversheet.
• 10 marks awarded (or deducted) if Assignment guidelines are met.
• Requirement for overall grade of 68/90 to be deemed competent in this task.
• Trainer to record awarded Grade at conclusion of Assignment Submission

(Total word count, this page 158)


Lack of or inappropriate body language/attitude


Poor stance and posture can indicate lack of confidence or interest.
Avoiding eye contact is a sign of disrespect and the patient or family can feel ignored. You may have excellent knowledge but if you are unable to engage your audience trust will not be attained. Trust is a valuable commodity and that begins and ends with eye contact.
Creating a barrier9

Differences in work methods

Thoughts / Feelings

Personal differences

Thoughts / Feelings

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