Yes. Writing a convincing personal statement is challenging!

Personal statements are quite specific having in the course one is undertaking. One of the main challenges in personal statement is that students mostly include information that is not relevant. Personal statements are about yourself so everything you write down has to be of your achievements, goals and enthusiasm in you. Students must be very careful when writing a personal statement and avoid any diversions. Time is always a pending factor which applies more on the personal statements because students are supposed to submit them within the given deadline. Student should know more on the university before sending or writing down the personal statement. Students are to realize that personal statement differ from one country to another. Students are at times not sure of what to write down because they know less about the course. Therefore, they should seek assistance from professional personal statement writers. Question is always asked and is used to guide you on what is to be included. Personal statements have to show the communication skills of the student because in some cases interviews are not considered. Students neglect the minimal words required and end up writing more or few words expected. This creates a character of not being able to follow instructions and can cause the student to miss a place in the school.

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