How to Write a Movie Review

How to Write a Movie Review

Movie review is done after watching and understanding a film.  Before writing the actual analysis provision of information leading to the specific movie reviewed is important, in this regard the actor, the producer and the title of the movie should be well elaborated to provide basic information about the movie. For a comprehensive movie review, you should delineate it into different parts.

At the beginning, a persuasive judgment of personal opinion is made to influence the direction of the review.  The direction in this case is given by stating a trailer to notify the reader whether you liked the movie or disliked it.  When writing in favor of the movie it is paramount to state why you liked it if otherwise is the case show the reason that made you to take such a stance and slightly point out the corrections you would recommend.

The second part should go back to the introduction part in detail where you talk about the things you know about the movie. In this case, detailed information about the main actors, the year the movie was completed, the studio of production, the producer and the may be the movie ratings features  to take care of the business. Additionally, you should tell in a very short summary what the movie is all about.  On contrary, details of what happens in the main episode of the movie should not feature at this stage.

The third part should give detailed information about the movie.  In this case, you should narrate the parts that make the movie. This stage will explain the roles of all characters in the movie and give an account on the influence each had on the movie. . In essence, the part gives the theme and the plot of the movie from introduction to development and critical incidents that made the movie intriguing. However, you should be cautious to avoid concluding the review at this stage. The theme execution is the main component of this part hence it would be suicidal to give an account on hoe the play ended because the reader of the review might not go beyond this point.

The other part should entail detailed information about the most important parts of the movie. The incidents which made you to make your trailer are unveiled at this point to justify the stance you had taken about the movie. The incidents should cite the important styles used in the move like humor, fiction, creativity, problem solving mechanisms etc. Additionally, remarks about the most intriguing incident in the movie ought to feature.  Further, the part should give facts about the actors involved in the movie. It is imperative in this regard to feature both main and minor actors and the part they have played to the movie successful. The main issues to be given are the talents they posses, the taste they give the movie and how they developed the movie. Finally the idea of the movie should be evaluated to point out things you liked and the ones you disliked about the movie.

The last part is personal judgment. The judgment should be as objective as possible, in this regard, supportive arguments are given to justify the stand made by the reviewer. Further give the kind of audience you would purport to be the best for the movie. Finally a sign of appreciation is demonstrated by giving the value addition you think the movie had in your life.

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