Terms of Use

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]Terms of Service

  1. The management has the rights for use of the services offered under Topmarkessays.com. At the company, we provide model answers that students are supposed to use to write their final papers for submission.
  2. Customers are entitled to maximum privacy  of their personal information, and no such information should be diverted to a third party.
  3. Once the client has placed an order and completed payment, a contract is entered between Topmarkessays.com and the client, with each party obligated to meet their responsibilities. Any change to instructions of the paper, which deviates from the original instructions given when placing the order will be considered violation of terms of the contract.
  4. Pursuant to the above, the client is obligated to make timely payment when placing an order, give all instructions when placing the order, respond to writers’ messages, and request for a revision within 7 days; while the company is obligated to write a high quality, non-plagiarized model answer  and to submit it within the stipulated time.
  5. The customer reserves the right for use of a paper completed under agreed terms. Such a paper cannot be used by a third party.
  6. Customers are entitled to unlimited revision so long as the first revision is placed within seven (7) days after the delivery of the completed paper.
  7. Refund Policy To ensure that our customers get quality work, we guarantee full refund for any work that does not meet client instructions or that is late. The following is our refund policy:a) Quality:

    We are strict on quality. While we assure clients of quality work, they must supply the needed resources like instructions, required files, required data etc to ensure high quality. Failure to meet expected quality is subject to refund. The following is the criteria used in assessing and refunding based on quality of the paper:

    1. Partial mismatch of instructions – 10% Refund
    2. Complete mismatch of instructions – 100% Refund
    3. Grammar Errors – 10% Refund and free editing and Proofreading

    b) Lateness:

    We guarantee our customers quality work submitted on time. Failure to submit our work on time will be subjected to the following refund:

    1. 1-3 hours late – 10% Refund of the Total
    2. 3-24 hours late – 30% Refund
    3. 48 Hours late – 50% Refund
    4. >48 Hours late – 100% Refund

    This is subject to the following which will be considered in issuing the refund:

    • Clients pay on time
    • Client uploaded needed files on time
    • Client responds to writer’s message on time

    c) Final Score

    Any paper that scores below 50% will be liable  for 100% full refund. Above a score of 50%, refund will be based on the marking guide results and subjected to a) above.

    d) Plagiarism

    We have a strict plagiarism policy that guarantees our customers 100% Non-plagiarized orders. Failure to submit original papers is subject to refund as follows:

    1. 1-5% plagiarism – No refund if the plagiarism is attributed to sources. 10% Refund if the plagiarism is not attributed to sources
    2. 5-14% plagiarism. – 15% refund so long as plagiarism does not include references and referenced quotes.
    3. >15% plagiarism – 100% refund