Art Architecture Sketch and Analysis

Architecture Project Instructions


This Architecture Project will require you to do a drawing of a building on campus or in town. You must make a sketch of the building and not use a photograph. Doing a drawing is the only way you will notice all the details.

Then list a minimum of 10 details you can identify on the building AND note the historical reference for that detail. If you cannot find a reference then make an educated guess as to why the designer used that detail.


For example: A hall on the CNU Quad has a weathervane atop the lantern on the roof. Why? A weathervane is a secular reference that aids the public. If it had been a church, there would be a crucifix there.


*I am not a very good artist so do not make the sketch look professional or too impressive. I just need a good enough sketch for a good grade on the assignment.                    

You can type up the identified details in a word document with numbers referencing the drawing. Be sure I can clearly read your work.


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