Required written papers:

  1. Assessments (pre and post course)
  2. Project Management Logical Framework (grid) and Journal Reflections Essay (3-5 pages)
  3. Diversity and Inclusion Reflective Essay (5 pages)
  4. SWOT Analysis (10 pages)
  5. Learning Essay including Debriefing Reflection (3-5 pages)
  6. Dialogue Forum (weekly – 1 posting, 2 responses to peers)


PAPER WRITING Instructions

For your papers, start with an outline that addresses the major questions posed in the assignment. At the graduate level, your written assignments (papers) are to be presented in APA Style (Union Institute and University’s standard format). Be sure to check your work for grammar and spelling, as well as formatting (12 point, double space, Times New Roman) before submitting assignments to your professor. In general your papers should have the following:


  1. Title Page: Title of the Assignment, Your Name, Date Submitted, Course Name, Professor Name, University Name
  2. Introduction: State the purpose of your paper and what you intend to discuss.
  3. Body of Paper: This is the major content of your assignment. Be sure to answer the questions assigned. Be clear, concise, and back up your statements with citations (APA).If you used an outline, use it to guide your headings for each section and subsection of the body of your paper. Typically, your headings will address the major questions posed in the assignment.
  4. Conclusion and Recommendations: Summarize your paper by revisiting your purpose and discuss how you addressed in your paper. Then, make recommendations for next steps that you will take as a developing leader in your organization.
  5. References: Anything you cite must be listed in your References (APA)
  6. Appendices: If you have backup material for your readers to reference, it should be placed in an Appendix and referred to in the text of your paper.



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